Chilling with your peeps just got easier!

Link up with homies

Smoke a fat blunt. Grab some food.
Walk around the mall... Or?

Open the app. Post up something you wanna do. Drop invites. Meetior makes it happen.

Choose your players

You want to shoot hoops so what now?
Common sense tells you who might be game and who definitely won't come.

Your meetup can be either public or private. Meetior can pull your friends Facebook interests to help auto-predict who you should drop an invite to for certain things, like basketball. Manual invites can be done and after the game you can save whoever came into a group to quickly invite again.

New Features in 2017

Using the app is super fast and easy

Millennials are going crazy for an app that helps them spontaneously 'lunch, 'blaze,' or 'chill' with friends. The app has no annoying ads and with the free or busy toggle there are no more annoying group chats blowing up your cell phone.

Average number of people who are bored and located within 8 miles from you.

Unique and fun activities that people like to do nearby a typical US suburb or city.

Fund this app and help bring it to the app store.

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Meetior pulls your friends
from all your social medias





Meetior is coming soon.

Meetior is a conceptual app venture proposed by Great Webs, a Seattle-area software firm.
For more information, send an email to